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      Welcome to the website of Changzhou Korel Chemicals Co.,Ltd.


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      About us

      Changzhou Korel Chemicals Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of Biocides and speciality chemicals.The applications we service are coatings, adhesives, textiles, personal care, metal working fluid etc and other 10 + applicaitons, providing 100 + products, servicing Over 500 + customers, provide 1000 + application solutions.

      CKC provides customers with innovative technology, efficient, regulatory and cost-effective products and professional services to keep microbial contamination away from your production and products, improve customer competitiveness and ensure customer satisfaction. On basis of win-win cooperation and honest management, we are looking forward to establishing long-term partnerships with customers, suppliers and other business partners in around the world.

      Our advantages

      A professional team with over 15years of technical experience

      To provide technical supports and solutions according to customers’ different requirements.

      Standardized production base and ISO quality management system to ensure the stability of production and quality.

      Sustainable improvement and technology to meet with global updated regulations.

      Add: Room 428, Building 7, 600 Tongjiang Middle Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

      E-mail: sales@korelchem.com

      Service hotline: 0086-135-6731-8202

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